phantomjs headless javascript unit testing with unit test injection

I have a PHP application that is very javascript heavy and although it has quite a few javascript functions most of them use jquery in some way. This presents a small issue with unit testing where I require a fully loaded Document Object Model (DOM) to interact with. Enter phantomjs a headless webkit that provides the capability to load a...

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Facebook HipHop PHP HHVM on Ubuntu 12.10

It seems that Ubuntu have removed some of the required dependencies for installing the HipHop VM. you can find them in some of the older repositories. Add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list to get them. deb precise main deb precise main universe deb-src precise main universe

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Arduino Controlled Sun Tracking Solar Panel

So here it is, my Arduino controlled sun tracking solar panel. Ive spent the last few months building it and its been good fun. Im not going to bore you with details, you can email me or post a comment. Here are a pile of pictures, some brief descriptions of what I’ve done and most importantly, things that went wrong!...

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